Karoline Rothwell - #4

DeWitt, MI
DeWitt High School
Class of 2020
Positions: 2B/C
Bats/Throws: R/R
Height:        Weight:
NCAA Eligibility #:
NAIA Eligibility #: 

Contact Information

Player Email: karoline.k.rothwwell@gmail.com
Parents: Steve and Erika Rothwell
[Parent 1 - email] srothw@aol.com
[Parent 2 - email] erika.s.rothwell@gmail.com

Education Information

High School GPA: 3.71
SAT Score: Not yet taken
PSAT Score: 
Academic Honors/Extracurriculars:
Interested College Major:




Softball Honors & Awards

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Coaches Contact Information

Krash Coach:
High School Coach:
Private Instructor: